Communication Manager Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Amnesty International

Job Description


SALARY RANGE: Kshs 390,000- 445,000 gross with medical and pension only.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

POSTS THAT THIS JOB MANAGES: Communications Officer, Volunteers, Interns

OTHER KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Campaign Managers, Policy Analyst, Finance and Administrative Manager, all Kenya team, relevant IS global thematic staff

JOB PURPOSE: Provide communications leadership and build a large and inclusive national movement that has a significant impact on the protection and promotion of human rights in Kenya and internationally. Delivering an important part of the strategic Framework 2018-2020, this position shall manage communications, brand and supporter strategy, ensure delivery of our mass and social media objectives and design materials for diverse external constituencies.

Background Information

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning global movement of over three million people committed to campaigning and action to improve human rights standards enshrined in the Kenyan Constitution and International Law. Amnesty International Kenya exists for three primary goals namely to;

* Undertake and publish investigative research and information to inform policy dialogue with duty-bearers;

* Strengthen civic campaigning capacities to act for our values of national cohesion and constitutionalism;

* Promote and protect constitutional values, the bill of rights and the rule of law in Kenya;

The Communications and Membership Manager plays a strategic management role and manages a team of staff and financial resources dedicated to expanding Amnesty and our partners visibility, voice and influence across our Strategic Framework. The office-holder shall work independently to plan and manage communications that make significant impact in the lives of persons at risk, allies and duty-bearers. He or she will also play an active role within the Amnesty international communications community to shape international campaigns relevant for Kenya and the international human rights movement.


To design , manage and innovate communications strategies to deliver Amnesty International Kenya’s overall theory of change, program goals, results and relevance
To publicise and strengthen the voice and agency of human rights defenders and persons at risk nationally
To manage conversations and platforms that can attract and retain a considerable number of supporters and members, alliances and funding for human rights work in Kenya
Manage the communications and membership team by ensuring overall team effectiveness, actively managing performance, team welfare, recruitment and onboarding, learning and development and liaising with the Finance and Administration team on administrative issues relating to the respective staff.
Manage the communications budget while ensuring cost effectiveness and alignment to project activities

A change-maker with a passion and understanding of human rights, you will ensure all Amnesty public and internal communications are underpinned by our theory of change by;

Representing Amnesty and actively promoting the values and obligations contained in the constitution and international human rights standards and covenants;
Coordinating an impactful development communications strategy in line with the Strategic Framework that demonstrates Amnesty’s public relevance to human rights protection in the daily events, issues and conversations of millions of Kenyans;
Designing and managing a mass and social media scaled strategy with communications officer that directly reaches persons at risk, allies and duty-bearers nationally and across the 47 counties and indirectly through social and mass media;
Ensuring powerful and compelling impact documentation including active citizen’s storytelling, reporting and learning, campaign branding and messaging;
Acting as brand holder by designing and maintaining strict compliance in all templates for reports, briefs and other publications;
Input into design of, edit and sign-off on high quality briefs, guide and reports before publication;
Coordinating our members and supporter database and other platforms to consistently communicate and interact with contacts and supporters
Designing and oversee partnerships, mass and social media analytical tools and approaches that capture and expand our reach, effectiveness and impact and supports the emergence of active, empowered and ethical circles of conscience nationally
Engaging and supporting other Amnesty initiatives nationally, regionally and globally in order to build comparative understanding and synergies across the Amnesty movement.


Management of a fast-moving communications that is 33% News – reactive and planned work, report launches etc; 34% Story of Change – grassroots stories, people doing and achieving things, profiles of staff, activists and rights holders and 33% Making the case for human rights – explain why they matter and how they benefit people.
Amnesty Kenya maintains a primary thought-leadership relevance publicly on human rights, active citizenship and responsive and accountable state
Quality proactive communication of human rights as a public interest issue within mass and popular culture



Commitment to Amnesty’s organisational values and vision and Kenyan Constitution
At least 5 years relevant experience in communications, advertising, new agencies, mass entertainment, humanitarian, large data management and or membership based organisations
Demonstrated ability to lead and manage staff and financial resources;
Demonstrated ability to frame compelling content for the public and develop short and long-term strategies to achieve public behavioural change;
Demonstrated experience of working with the advertising, public relations and news agencies
Proven and demonstrable capacity to develop a vast follower and friend base within the social media;
Creative capacity to document using photography and audio-visual documentation;
Direct experience working with digital, print, radio and television journalists and the commitment to the contribution they can make to strengthening open governance and democratic development;
Proven ability to edit materials and review/adapt them to fast changing political situations, exercising and promoting creative thinking;
A confident communicator with excellent analytical, presentation and editorial digital skills;
Team leadership, outstanding social and intercultural skills and proven ability to multi task and work to deadlines, sometimes under pressure
Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in challenging situations; and take quick and firm decisions.
Demonstrated extensive and professional use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram among others).


Experience of interviewing, capturing and amplifying in an appropriate manner the voices and agency of witnesses and survivors of human rights violations
Experience of creating and supporting brand ambassadors, especially from a human rights or development focus
Demonstrated expertise or qualifications in public education, curriculum development, participatory adult learning and or managing online audio-visual digital content for mass coverage
Experience of leading several teams simultaneously and contributing to setting priorities, motivating oneself and others, and resolving team conflicts.


The Behaviour Framework focuses on how we work rather than what our job is designed to do. It articulates the behaviours that are expected from a group of professionals who are working effectively together. It includes Delivering results – Working with others – Developing oneself and others – Contributing to a dynamic and effective IS – Making decisions – Taking the initiative – Communicating and influencing.


Equality and diversity is at the core of our values and staff are expected to work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a variety of backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected.


Public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organization, personal association or other factor which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with Amnesty International’s principles (specifically independence and impartiality), or raise a security concern, or otherwise prevent the candidate from carrying out key functions of the specific post and would therefore disqualify the candidate from being appointed.

This job description will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that the scope and focus are in tandem with Amnesty International’s priorities and operating context.

Applicants should send an email with subject heading “Application and the Position of Interest” and PDF attachment that includes cover letter and a CV by Friday 22 June 2018 5 pm.