Grants and Contracts Vacancy


Key Responsibilities

Sub-Contractor Administration

Participate in the evaluation of potential sub-recipients’ proposals and conduct the pre-award and risk assessments for all potential partners. Ensure adequate documentation of this process.
Work closely with the relevant Partner Activity Managers and Technical Officer in developing sub-recipients/contractor annual operation plans and budget.
Prepare outgoing sub awards and amendments, as needed, for review in accordance with the Signature Authority Policy
After projects are completed, closeout grants in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.

Monitoring and Support of Sub-recipients / Sub-Contractors

Ensure compliance with financial and administrative requirements, regulations, and policies of the Foundation and our donors.
Provide ongoing support to sub-recipients/contractors to improve their administrative performance, build their operational capacity, and reduce the risk to the project and the Foundation.
Provide assistance to the sub-recipients/contractors in understanding the terms and conditions of the award and facilitate or provide any necessary training/mentoring.
Conduct site visits and prepare reports for approval of the Senior Grants & Contracts Officer. Report all compliance findings to the Senior Grants & Contracts Officer and assist in the development of possible solutions. Appropriately document follow-up and ensure timely corrective action.
Work closely with the Senior Grants & Contracts Officer and Activity Manager to develop annual monitoring and support plans for assigned sub-recipients, in accordance with Foundation policy, and ensure the monitoring and support tracker is kept up to date.
Document evidence of monitoring and support and any compliance findings in both the award file and CGIS.

Budgeting and Financial Reviews

Review monthly financial reports and cash requests and monitor actual expenditures against budgets/ceilings, documenting material variances and working closely with the partners to minimize deviations from planned spending.
Ensure that all the expenditures reported by sub-recipients/contractors meet the allowability criteria prior to being charged to the award; document, disseminate and follow up on disallowed expenses.
Monitor deadlines and ensure final deliverables from grantees conform to the Foundation’s requirements. Work with the Sub-recipients/contractors to build their capacity to prepare and submit accurate financial reports by 5th of every month.
Provide ongoing assistance i