Project Officer Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi


Job Purpose

To support establishment and expansion of a robust HIV prevention, care and treatment program in supported sites for the Project that compliments provision of comprehensive quality integrated HIV prevention, HIV counselling and testing, care and treatment services within the Ministry of Health, Private and Faith Based Sector health facilities in the supported counties

Key Responsibilities

Conduct site need assessments to inform budgeting for integrated HIV service delivery activities
Develop integrated HIV facility interventions and work plans and oversee the implementation
Build capacity for health care workers in identified gaps in integrated HIV programing
Working with the Laboratory Program Officer, assist in establishing and supervising the lab-networks with networked facilities ensuring that samples are taken and leave the facility in a timely manner and that results get back to the health care worker and patients in the shortest time possible
Assist the health facility management team (HMT) to develop and implement quality assurance programs for the each supported sites
Facilitate the acquisition of Project supplies from County and engage the CHMTs when supplies are not available to ensure no stock outs
Responsible for day to day visits to Project supported sites in supported counties to provide technical support in implementation of integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment services
Conduct supportive supervision on quality assurance issues.
Working with the RAL Officer, ensure that adherence and psychosocial support activities are undertaken at the supported sites and links with the other technical team to facilitate facility-community linkages
Works closely with the supported sites in identifying training needs and links with the project leadership in planning and delivering trainings for facility staff, according to the training plan.
Attends training session in new content areas and helps facilitate attendance of facility staff in training sessions.
Develops and maintains close relationship between the facility Nursing Officer in Charge and other site staff to ensure all planned activities are carried out.
Provides feedback to facilities and participates in supportive supervision to the sites
Monitors on a regular basis the availability of supplies necessary to accomplish project objectives
Working with the SI program officer, assists the Project in working with clinic staff in data collection and data management and reporting including utilization of such data for planning and decision-making.
Helps to track and report on all project inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and impact at supported sites to ensure that adequate progress is made towards set targets.
Identifies obstacles to achievement of desired results early enough, identifies remedial actions and seeks support to overcome these obstacles
Assist the DCOP in preparation of monthly and quarterly progress reports.
Working closely with the QA/QI Program Officer, participate in site assessment, follow up on identified gaps and implementation of interventions including formation of Integrated Quality Improvement Teams (IQTs) and re-assessment of progress


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