Audit Assistant Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Janta Kenya

Assistant duties includes:-

Assisting in the preparation of specific audit assignment plans and audit programme.
Assisting in reviewing the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information.
Performing audit tests on the internal controls in accounting, administrative and operational procedures.
Ensuring compliance with company policies, procedures and internal controls.
Ensure company assets are safeguarded from loss, misuse and damage through conducting stock take and stock reconciliations audit of company stocks in depots, Local finished goods warehouses, society stores, motor vehicle parts e.t.c.
Reviewing accounting records and financial data to check for accuracy.
Verifying accounting records supporting financial transactions including Stocks transfers, product market returns(sound & unsound, Sales, purchases e.t.c
Ensuring that the audit findings are properly documented.
Ensures that the audit files are complete and well referenced.
Giving independent assurances whether operations are being carried out in an effective and efficient manner.
Preparing draft audit reports detailing audit findings and recommendations for improvement.
Advising management on correction of accounting errors noted within the accounting records.


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