Head Teacher Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Summit Recruitment

Job Description:

Provide strategic leadership and oversee the effective management of the school which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education where each learner acquires knowledge, develops social and moral values and realizes their highest potential.


1. Strategic Directions and Development

Provide effective leadership that will create a learning environment at the school that will enable each pupil to realize their maximum potential;

2. Academic Function

i) Set targets and goals for the professional staff through a participative process and develop strategies that will enable the school to achieve its objectives as agreed with the directors;

ii) Supervise the implementation of the strategies and take collective measures to ensure that targets are met satisfactorily. Advice directors on progress and any deviations accordingly;

iii) Conduct continuous assessment of the school performance in the light of the set goals and take appropriate actions;

iv) Supervise the implementation of the school curriculum and update the teaching staff of any changes;

v) Motivate teaching and support staff to work together as a team;

vi) Assess and identify capacity gaps for the teaching and support staff and organize for the in-service training;

vii) Coordination of the internal and external examinations;

viii) Ensure that the School adopts co-curriculum activities that reinforce the classroom teaching and learning;

3. Administrative Function

i) Participate effectively in the recruitment evaluation of the school’s professional staff in liaison with the Human Resources department and the Directors;

ii) Initiates, designs, and implements programs to meet specific needs of the school. Supervise the implementation of all school activities;

iii) Make recommendations concerning the school’s administration and teaching methods;

iv) Prepare and supervise the preparation of reports, records, lists, and other paperwork required or appropriate to the effective school’s administration;

v) Ensure the maintenance of a safe and conducive environment for the staff and pupils;

vi) Act as a liaison between the school and the Ministry of Education, interpreting activities and policies of the school;

vii) Maintain adequate inventory, accountability for the school property;

viii) Prepare and submit school’s situation and performance report to the directors;

4. Student behaviour and character Formation

i) Lead and supervise the students’ guidance and counselling programs that will enhance individual student education and character formation;

ii) Ensure disruptive student behaviour is managed fairly and creatively in accordance with the school’s policies;

iii) Maintain communication flows with students and parents that will enable each student to enhance their performance;

iv) Effectively process and resolve parent, student, and staff complaints relating to school