Clerk of Works Vacancy

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Telagen Group of Companies

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Clerk of works




Construction & project mgt

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Job purpose (role)

Coordinate and control all physical aspects of the day-to-day working on construction projects to ensure safety and compliance with all regulatory requirements, work constructively with sub-contractors, maintain the construction program and achieve quality of workmanship to meet the overall project objectives with excellence.


1. Direct and coordinate activities at the site.

2. Provide leadership, supervise staff and preparation of work schedules

3. Determine staffing requirements at the site in liaison with the Head of Construction.

4. Ensure that staff at the site are fully engaged and any emerging disciplinary issues are dealt with promptly and decisively.

5. To identify customer needs and promote customer recognition throughout the unit.

6. To regularly and systematically check standards and identify action for improvement.

7. To have a working knowledge of all aspects of construction and maintain constant involvement of self in tasks.

8. To respond to customer comments and feedback in line with Company policy.

9. To encourage a proactive culture to minimise all customer complaints.

10. To develop a culture to ensure consistent excellence in customer service.

11. To ensure rigorous systems of financial control and management are in place

12. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual reports to the Head of Division and any variance must be explained.

13. To prepare detailed monthly reports to the Head of division of the divisions activities on or before the 5th of every month.

14. Any other duty that could be delegated by the Head of Division from time to

Specific job responsibilities


1) Establish & maintain high staff morale, model sound leadership and teamwork.

2) Meet construction budget by monitoring project expenditures; identifying variances; implementing corrective actions.

3) Coordinate, monitor and inspect work of construction for the assigned projects on behalf of the Telagen group.

4) Accomplish construction project results by calculating resources required; establishing standards; allocating resources; scheduling and coordinating staff and sub-contractors; evaluating milestone assumptions and conclusions; resolving design problems; evaluating and implementing change orders

5) Supervise construction works activities in accordance with the technical specifications and as directed by the head of construction and the professional team

6) Meet operational standards by contributing construction information to the construction team, implementing construction, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards

7) Resolving problems and identifying construction management system improvements

Material Usage and Management

1. Dealing with the logistics of supplies

2. Manage tool and materials inventory for each project. Ensure unused materials are accounted for and reported to the Head of Construction.

3. Complete necessary reports and meet at least weekly with Construction Director to discuss construction progress.

4. Schedule delivery of needed materials and labour requests


1) Inspecting the work on site and comparing it with drawings and specifications. Inspections could be at heights or underground and may include specialised aspects of construction.

2) Preparing inspection reports

Reviews & Technical Inputs

1. Review contract documents, architectural drawings and specifications in order to maintain familiarity with assigned projects and ensure construction team’s full understanding of documents

2. Provide technical input regarding design, construction, or modifications as required

3. Liaising and working jointly with the design team and structural detailers to implement refinements

Quality & Standards

1) Measuring and sampling building materials to check their quality and also identify any defects and suggest ways to correct them

2) Checking that standards, building regulations, health and safety and legal requirements are met

3) Prevents fines and interruptions by complying with and enforcing construction requirements, rules and regulations.

4) Ensuring workmanship quality and speed remain paramount to the success of all our projects


1. Ensure project proceeds in a timely manner.

2. Ensure that work is completed within the scheduled time both daily and weekly.

Scheduling and Monitoring

1) Trouble-shoot and identify construction problems; offer timely and safe solutions.

2) Manage tool and materials inventory for each project. Ensure unused materials are accounted for and reported to the Head of Construction.

3) Scheduling sequence of works, plans for construction, accountability for provision of materials

4) Schedule delivery of needed materials and labour requests.

Progress Reports

1. Monitoring and reporting on progress to construction team, architects and clients

2. Maintain job-site files, documents, reports and daily log; prepare periodic reports for Head of construction and architect as required.


Complete necessary reports and meet at least weekly with Construction team to discuss construction progress.


1) Keeping detailed records

2) Receive, record, present for architect’s approval and maintain custody of samples submitted by construction Team.


1. Review requests for progress payments (certificate) submitted by the construction department and forward with recommendations to architect.

2. Liaising with contractors, engineers and surveyors

As a clerk of works, you would have a site office but would spend most of your time outside on site.

You may be based at one site for the duration of a project, or travel between sites to carry out inspections and meet contractors.

Financial Management

1) You will ensure that the unit operates within its financial budget and ensure financial goals are met.

2) You are expected to find ways to contain costs at the site

Expected results


1. Daily & weekly reports

2. Monthly reports

3. Set targets for workers at site and ensure completion


1. Quality products

2. Compliance with the professionals designs and instructions

3. Retention of labourers and reduction of high turn over

4. Well engaged labourers

5. Well-disciplined labourers

6. Attendance records

7. A well maintained payment schedule

People Management

1. To lead by example, encouraging all team members to participate and work together

To monitor, encourage and participate towards a positive team atmosphere by positively and publicly recognising success and achievements by any member of the team
To provide constructive feedback to improve team performance

Education and experience

1) BSc. Civil / Structural Engineering / Construction Management with a Minimum 2yrs experience in a site supervisory position or

2) Higher Diploma in Building/Construction and/or Civil Engineering from a recognized university/National Polytechnic

3) At least 3 years’ experience in employment in project oversight

4) A thorough technical understanding of building construction materials and methods

5) Well versed in ICT -MS Office proficiency (Word, Excel and Power-point) both as a working and reporting tool with excellent command of oral and written English

6) Ability to read and interpret architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, codes, and other material pertinent to construction.

7) Working knowledge of building components and systems.

8) Self-driven and proven ability to work smart and to meet deadlines without supervision

9) Ability to supervise staff and knowledge of sourcing/procurement processes

10) High degree of personal integrity

11) Possess business etiquette with a strong work ethic, high level of honesty/integrity, results oriented, ability to deliver under pressure

Corporate Competencies:

a) Demonstrates commitment to the Board’s mission, vision and values.

b) Displays cultural, gender, religion, tribal, and age sensitivity and adaptability.

c) Treats all people fairly without favouritism

d) Demonstrates strong adherence to Telagen business ethical standards

Key Competencies Requirements

a) Time Management: You will be working with casuals, employees, customers and management. Time management is essential to make sure everything gets done.

b) organizing and planning

c) problem analysis and problem solving

d) judgment skills

e) critical thinking skills

f) integrity

g) persuasive ability

Applications for the qualified candidates to be sent via Apply Now Button. Only the qualified candidates will be contacted. The company reserves the right to lower or raise the qualification or years of experience depending on the volume of applications. The deadline for the applications will be on before 10th June, 2018 at 5pm.