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Telagen Group of Companies

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Construction manager




Project Management & Construction

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Managing Director

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Job purpose (role)

Manage construction projects from beginning to end, ensuring that projects are completed within time and budgetary constraint. To determine the scheduling of different phases of a project based on established deadlines. Negotiate contracts with architects, vendors, contractors and other workers.

You will oversee clerks of works and their employee’s performance in the project management and construction Division. As the Manager you will assist in the setting of policies, operations, create and maintain budgets, and coordinate with management in the evaluation of employees, company performance and efficiencies. You will set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets, supervise, monitor and support staff in the division to realize the overall company objectives in liaison with the head. In addition, as the Manager you will collaborate with company executives to develop strategic plans for business growth based on short-term and long-term goals and communicate those goals to the team and guide them to success.


1. Direct and coordinate activities of the departments concerned with the project management & construction division.

2. Provide overall leadership, oversee the management of staff, preparation of work schedules and assigning of specific duties to the site managers and other construction staff.

3. Establish and implement divisional policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with managing Director, board members, heads of division and staff members as necessary.

4. Determine staffing requirements, interview, hire and train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes in liaison with the Managing Director and HR.

5. Direct and coordinate division’s financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.

6. Ensure that staff in the division are fully engaged and any emerging disciplinary issues are dealt with promptly and decisively.

7. To identify customer needs and promote customer recognition throughout the unit.

8. To regularly and systematically check standards and identify action for improvement.

9. To have a working knowledge of all aspects of the business and maintain constant involvement of self in tasks.

10. To respond to customer comments and feedback in line with Company policy.

11. To encourage a proactive culture to minimise all customer complaints.

12. To develop a culture to ensure consistent excellence in customer service.

13. To produce, in liaison with the Managing Manager, an annual business plan for the unit identifying key areas for growth and financial improvement.

14. To ensure rigorous systems of financial control and management are in place and that all key financial targets are met.

15. To create a professional working environment through which all employees are adequately trained, fully briefed, regularly appraised and managed in a fair and consistent manner, thus ensuring that a positive unit team is established, within which each individual can aspire to achieving their full potential.

16. To be fully involved in the interpretation and delivery of the corporate strategy as it relates to their unit ensuring effective feedback to the Executive Team as appropriate.

17. Prepare daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual reports to the Managing Director and any variance must be explained.

18. To prepare detailed monthly reports to the Managing Director of the divisions activities on or before the 10th of every month.

19. Take personal responsibility over the performance of the department and the implementation of the departmental functions under your division

20. Any other duty that could be delegated by the Managing Director from time to time


21. Oversee the implementation of the functions of construction department.

22. To strive to constantly achieve operating standards.

23. To maintain quality of product and unit appearance.

24. Oversees key projects, processes and performance reports, data and analysis.

25. Review and support engineering and sales to oversee design concepts with fundamental or new technology used for new or existing products or improvement to provide cost reduction, safety, customer requirements and market.

26. To ensure that staff at sight are fully engaged and only the right staffing levels are maintained for specific tasks.

27. To ensure that the construction policies and procedures are fully followed.

28. To monitor construction progress, including worker productivity and compliance with building and safety codes.

29. Oversee the resolving of problems that arise due to extreme weather, emergencies or other issues that may cause delays.

Project Management

30. Oversee the implementation of the functions of project management department.

31. Oversee the securing of building permits and licenses and delivery of materials and equipment to construction sites.

32. Lead in negotiation of contracts with, vendors, contractors and sub-contractors in liaison with the Managing Director and Executive Chairman.

33. To schedule and plan projects, then assign responsibilities to managers, supervisors and employees.

34. Oversee and manage projects to ensure that they are completed in accordance with project deadlines and budgets.

35. You must be kept aware of any problems that arise during projects to ensure that they are resolved.

36. Ensure that the program is certificate based so as to maintain a steady cash flow from the funding partners.

Financial Management

37. You will prepare annual budgets, which will be approved by the board through other top executives of the organization.

38. You will ensure that the site operates within its financial budget and ensure financial goals are met.

39. You are expected to find ways to cut spending and also advocate for new services, products or other functions of the site to obtain the funding required to improve the site’s productivity and profitability.

Expected results


1. Completed divisional budgets

2. Monthly reports

3. Set targets for departments and individuals


1. Prepared work schedules

2. Possession of various work permits

3. Completion of work as per the schedule and issuing of certificates on time

4. Continuous flow of funds based on completed scheduled work

5. Minimal wastage of resources at site

6. Attendance and completion of daily assigned tasks

7. Proper maintained attendance list.

8. Proper supervision workers and frequent site visits

9. Daily,weekly,monthly, quarterly comparative reports based on targets and actual performance with reasons for negative variance if any

10. High quality finished products with the highest level of finishes’

People Management

1. To lead by example, encouraging all team members to participate and work together.

2. To delegate authority, empowering team members to take responsibility and ownership for achievement of objectives

3. To monitor, encourage and participate towards a positive team atmosphere by positively and publicly recognising success and achievements by any member of the team.

4. To set relevant, fair and consistent targets, KPI’s and objectives for team members in line with overall company strategy.

5. To provide constructive feedback to improve team performance.

6. To represent and feedback staff opinions and views at a higher level.

Education and experience

Bachelor’s degree in a construction-related field, such as construction management, quantity surveyor or civil engineering with a three years working experience or any other bachelor degree with a diploma in construction with 3 year and above hands on experience in construction.

A higher national diploma with 5 years and above with a proven hands on experience in construction is an added advantage.

Corporate Competencies:

a) Demonstrates commitment to the Board’s mission, vision and values.

b) Displays cultural, gender, religion, tribal, and age sensitivity and adaptability.

c) Treats all people fairly without favouritism.

d) Demonstrates strong adherence to Telagen business ethical standards.

Job General Skills And Requirements

•Leadership Skills: You will have to keep your employees motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions for your employees.

•Time Management: You will be working with employees, customers and management. Time management is essential to make sure everything gets done.

•Math and Budgeting: Heads are expected to create, keep and maintain a budget, as well as make projections based on previous expenditures. You will need to be confident in using math skills to make sure you know where your company’s money is going.

•Analytical Skills: You will be in charge of overseeing the hiring, developing and disciplining of new employees, and being a good judge of character will help ensure that you hire the right people to maintain an efficient and motivated team. You will also need analytical skills to be able to solve problems that may come up during a typical work day.

•Decision-Making Skills: The buck stops with you. Whether it is dealing with employees, customers, top executives or vendors, you will have to make decisions that affect the company. Having the ability to make hard and fast decisions is crucial to your success.

•Speaking and Writing: Heads do a lot of communicating. This might be in negotiations with contractors, in front of a group of employees, or in a meeting with other management. You might be called upon to write reports and recommendations. Great verbal communications and writing skills will help you in any of these scenario

Applications for the qualified candidates to be sent via Apply Now Button. Only the qualified candidates will be contacted. The company reserves the right to lower or raise the qualification or years of experience depending on the volume of applications. The deadline for the applications will be on before 10th June, 2018 at 5pm.