General Affairs Staff Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Virtual Hr Recruitment Limited

Who We Are
Alphajiri Limited is a limited company with its vision to eradicate poverty to create the world where all the people can choose their ways to live of their own will.
To fulfill our vision, we aim to restructure agricultural supply chain systems of Africa with our company’s services, by which vulnerable small scale farmers obtain stable cash income, and the processing companies source their raw materials at the desired qualities, quantities, and timing.
Since its establishment in February 2016, based in Migori County, we have embarked on the whole supply chain services of soybeans. From 2018, we started to experiment on garlic, aiming to start growing it at farmers level from September 2018.

Duties and Responsibilities
The areas of responsibilities cover a wide range which assists Farm Advisor, Trainers of Field Officers, and Managers.

Specific responsibilities are;

Based on bosses’ instructions, carefully prepare materials, tools, and farm inputs. It includes jobs which require accuracy and concentration- such as counting exact number of seeds, preparing exact number of documents, and shopping specific and exact materials instructed.
Under bosses’ instructions, keenly supervise casual labors at soybean and garlic farms to make sure that they do the correct jobs such as at planting, weeding, harvesting, and post harvesting. The farms are located in Migori town, Suna East and West, Kuria, and other districts.
Do simple but accurate recording such as at weighing crops, counting inventories, measuring land size and so on.
Every day report in detail what you have done, problems and suggestions to the office.

Candidate Qualifications

Fluent English writing and speaking skills
Having high sense of responsibility in any kinds of tasks given
Strong with numbers
Have great concentration
Accustomed to use smartphones


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