Responses Director Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

World Vision

Job Description


The Response Director (RD) has primary responsibility for directing the response from strategy to implementation, inclusive of performance and oversight of all aspects of the response. She/he should develop and maintain an efficient, cohesive team, while ensuring effective coordination and relationships with the other agencies, officials, beneficiaries, donors and all areas of the Partnership.


Develop and monitor implementation of response strategy that addresses WV strategic goals to meet humanitarian needs:

Lead response strategy development with National Director (ND), Regional Leader (RL), Partnership Executive Team

(PET) and other senior stakeholders.

Ensure primary and secondary information on needs inform strategy formulation.

Ensure context analysis informs strategy development.

Consult with ND and RL to ensure National Office (NO) strategy and plans (including Child Wellbeing targets) are taken into account in

response strategy formulation.

Ensure strategy aligns with anticipated capacity.

Monitor appropriateness of strategy in addition to implementation of strategy and transition plans.

Ensure response is staffed to meet response needs:

Lead team/individual development and provide direction and support as needed to enable effective performance.

Contribute to NO capacity building in the area of emergency response in coordination with NO leadership and Human Resources (HR).

Determine response organization structure with ND and HR.

Conduct high-level workforce planning with HR and mobilise surge functions as required.

Oversee the recruitment of the RDs direct reports.

Ensure defined accountabilities under the Emergency Management System (EMS) are clear for each function including Term of Reference (TOR) objectives and qualitycriteria.

Ensure HR works with EMS functions to identify workforce requirements.

Ensure HR plans for capacity building with EMS functions.

Ensure HR develops performance planning and review processes that include quality criteria.

Ensure HR establishes a staff care function and mechanisms that support staff well-being.

Consult ND to plan Response team transition/integration.

Ensure adequate internal communications mechanisms are in place to ensure policies, information and decisions are shared with staff as appropriate.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with humanitarian actors, government representatives, World Vision stakeholders, the media and general public:

Represent the response in Partnership Executive Team and Partnership Coordination Team (PCT) (where activated).

Identify and highlight areas of conflict to Response Senior Management Team (SMT), ND, RL and Partnership

Executive Committee (where activated).

Create and maintain collaborative relations and where appropriate partnerships with government, other NGOs, UN

agencies, civil society, churches, bi-lateral missions and donors.

Participate in consortium meetings and Response related national coordination meetings.

Ensure World Vision is represented at relevant technical and coordination mechanisms in-country.

Serve as an organizational spokesperson for media interviews, advocacy initiatives and other public events.

Develop and plan response to achieve response strategy goal and objectives:

Provide oversight to funding allocation (i.e. Private Non-sponsorship or PNS, grants, etc) to ensure alignment with

strategy and humanitarian needs.

Ensure response programme development meets World Vision and international standards.

Ensure that adequate funding to address humanitarian needs is acquired.

Ensure Advocacy staff are empowered to integrate advocacy across sectors and to develop child-focused advocacy positions which are aligned with strategy and organisational priorities, in strong alignment with NO and Response

Operations teams.

Facilitate the signing of MOUs and contracts, with donors, Support Offices (SOs) and other relevant stakeholders.

Ensure appropriate waivers are in place to facilitate timely response implementation.


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